#TEAMLSF is the place where you fit in. It’s the place where you can throw your hair up in a messy bun, throw on your workout clothes and not have to worry if you’re at day 1 or day 100 – you know you’ll have people cheering you on towards your goals the whole way.

Here, on the team page, you’ll get access to everything you need to get the healthy body you want and deserve. Including access to our private Facebook Group, Emails, Monthly Calendars and more!



Join in! Post your workout selfies and progress photos to the #TEAMLSF hashtag. We’re all in this together!


  1. Hi #lsfteam I just purchased the Hot Body Sweat guide and I AM EXCITED! I am just wondering for day 3 it says 30-60 minutes of cardio. Any recommendations? Could this be a HIIT workout or intervals on the treadmill?




  2. Hi all! I also purchased the hot body sweat guide…it is awesome so far by the way! Just wondering tips of how people are doing it….are you printing it and looking at at or keeping it on your phone/tablet during workouts? I’m just having trouble moving quickly to the next move because I forget what’s next and how to do it so I’m constantly stopping to look. Any tips would be appreciated for a “better flow”. I’m ready to get my sweat on! 😁

    1. Hey Holly! So glad you are loving the guide 🙂 A lot of girls do print it out, I have it both on my phone and paper copy. After a week or two, you will start to feel more comfortable with the flow. Get it girl! #teamlsf

  3. Hello! I just purchased the bundled meal & workout plan. I am super excited to start. I have a couple questions regarding the meals. I have to keep a fairly low oxylate diet otherwise I’get kidney stones. That means that sweet potatoes and green leafy vegetables are not a big part of my diet. I can eat them maybe once a week and with a full glass of lemon water before and after. Are there any acceptable substitutions for the sweet potato in week #1?

  4. Do you have members of all ages? I am an older person, but used to teach exercise, went back to school and have put on about 40 lbs from sitting studying, tired all the time.

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