The Hot Body Meal Plan

Get 4 Weeks of Body Changing Meals

are you ready to jumpstart your weight loss?


My 4 Week Meal Plan takes all the guess work out of eating. You will have step-by-step meals, that are not only delicious but will help you kick start your metabolism and burn fat! If you have struggle with healthy eating or hit a plateau, then this is just what you need to see the changes you want! Imagine having all of your meals laid out in a simple to follow plan, all you have to do is enjoy. Not only will you have 4 weeks of daily meal plans, you will also learn WHY it’s important to eat certain foods and when to eat them, so that you get the most energy all day long. This plan gives you all the tools you need to meet your weight loss goals and keep the pounds off. You will quickly learn how to balance fats, carbs and proteins to shed those pesky pounds. Your nutrition is the single most important change you can make to see results and live a healthy balance lifestyle, after all…you can’t out train a bad diet.


Get the same meals and nutrition tips that I used to lose forty-five pounds and still use to keep it off today! And my top tricks & tips for transforming your body through nutrition!


My 4 week meal plan gives you the best tasting recipes, that are simple to cook and flexible enough for meals at home or on the go.


4 weeks of easy-to-make, fat burning meals that will boost your metabolism and get you into a healthy lifestyle.


GET BETTER RESULTS, bundle & save!

“With the HBMP you get to eat REAL, easy to find foods that are probably already in your pantry!”

For the first time in my life I feel healthy, happy

This meal plan was honestly so much easier than I thought and made me realize how important it is to truly fuel your body! In 4 weeks, I felt so much healthier, happier and my energy on a day to day basis allowed me to improve my work ethic and family life.

— Kerry L., August 2017

you get the results you’re looking for!

After losing 45 pounds I felt great, but still had those annoying trouble areas that wouldn’t go away. Following the Hot Body Meal Plan I FINALLY pushed past that plateau and got the lean, sculpted body I worked so hard for. It’s perfect because wether you are trying to lose 2lbs or 20 lbs, the HBMP will jumpstart your metabolism to help you get the results you’re looking for.

— Katie Dunlop, August 2017


The HBMP is a must!! I contemplated ordering the plan for a while because I am a very picky eater. But I also found it hard trying to find “healthy” foods to eat regularly. I assumed salads were the answer. I was wrong! After ordering the HBMP I was still unsure if it was really going to work, losing 0-2lbs per week according to the guide. I assumed I would lose 0. I lost 2 lbs per week and had to even repeat one week because I lost 3lbs on week 3!! In total I lost 10lbs and reached my weight loss goal. The plan is “flexible” because it lets you cook the food how YOU want.

— Sarina., August 2017


The variety!!! I have bought many meal plans but never had such an amazing variety like this one has! It’s really nice knowing that I can strictly follow this meal plan and not have to guess if I’m having enough, or to much. The meals are actually DELICIOUS, which is a major bonus when switching up your meal plan! Helped me stay on track and lose 6lbs!

— Marina, August 2017



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