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Katie Dunlop is a Certified Personal Trainer (NCCPT), group fitness instructor and entrepreneur based in Orange County, California. She is the creator of Love Sweat Fitness, a health and fitness community that inspires women around the world to find their happy, healthy hot body! The LSF YouTube channel has over 4 million views and 100,000+ subscribers.

Katie’s journey began after college as she found herself 45 pounds overweight and tired of the ups and downs of fad diets and trendy workout plans. She knew there had to be a better way and finally took her health and fitness into her own hands. Katie dropped the extra weight and found her true passion; helping other women reach their goals.

Love Sweat Fitness was born after girls in Katie’s weekly barre class began asking her to post workouts online. She started @lovesweatfitness Instagram in order to share not only workouts, but also her story and daily motivation. Now, LSF has grown to a community of over 400,000 women

In 2017 Katie launched her long awaited 8 Week Hot Body Sweat Guide, a dynamic workout plan designed to jump-start your new healthy lifestyle. Staying with Katie’s motto of #SweatAnywhere, each workout can be done by any fitness level, with no equipment, no matter where you are. She also released The 4 Week Hot Body Meal Plan that is the perfect nutrition complement, giving you a daily eating plan that promotes balance and teaches you that a healthy lifestyle can and should be enjoyable!


Hi Guys! I’m so excited to have you a part of LSF! Staying motivated to reach your goals really comes down to three things, Love Sweat & Fitness. I wanted to share a little more about what the name means to me and some amazing new things happening this year!


First and foremost is LOVE. Your passions. The things that get you out of bed each day. All the little things that make you smile and inspire you to be awesome! For me it’s Ryan, my family and friends, fish tacos, bubbly, gorgeous sunsets and a good bikini!

Next up is SWEAT. These are the mental and physical hurdles, the ones we all have to overcome in order to start making the changes we want. Deciding to get up early so you can make it to the class, choosing a side of veggies over fries; the little things that add up to a healthier happier you!

And finally, FITNESS — This is the physical work we put in each day in order to strengthen our bodies and minds. Getting up off the couch to do a LSF workout, adding on weights, pushing it just a little bit further than you thought you could. That’s where the change happens. Those little changes make a HUGE difference!


I started LSF 3 years ago. I knew I needed to share my story and help other girls and @lovesweatfitness was born!

It’s been incredible to watch this amazing community grow into what it is today and I wanted to give it a fresh look and feel to match the fun, beautiful girls that make LSF what it is!

I created this symbol as it depicts so many things that define LSF. The pineapple represents friendship, health and a welcoming heart. That about sums up Love Sweat Fitness!

I wanted the new icon to be more than just a basic pineapple though. The heart base was inspired by the original LSF logo and it’s foundation in LOVE.

The pineapple top is like a crown. You are all deserving of the best life has to offer. Stand Tall & Wear Your Crown! Plus, it totally reminds me of my messy bun so there’s that.

Whether you are just beginning your health and fitness journey or have already begun, I KNOW this is going to be your year!

Don’t forget, Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat!


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  1. Hi Katie,

    I’m interested in the program but have some hesitation.

    This may be a personal question so I understand if you’re not comfortable with answering. I see a lot of weight loss programs that do before and after shots but at the same time body enhancements or surgeries were done at the same time. It makes me unsure if it was the program or the program plus surgery that helped the transformation.

    With your journey of losing weight, was it just working out and nutrition or was any surgery involved (implants, tucks, etc)?

    Many thanks,

    1. Hey Kelsey!

      That is a totally fair question and good you are looking at the programs you consider closely! When I went through my weight loss transformation (losing 45 lbs) it was done 100% naturally. I didn’t use any supplements, no surgeries, etc. It was a combination of my clean eating plan and workouts…nothing more 🙂 and that’s how I believe all of you girls should get results as well.

      A few years after I lost all my weight, I had also loss my chest . I was always large chested and didn’t personally feel great about them being gone. I made the decision to get breast implants (I call it a refill 🙂 ). That is not for everyone, but made me happy and still does. At the end of the day, they don’t have anything to do w/ my physical fitness. Will your boobs look like mine after doing the HBSG and Meal Plan? No :)…but that’s secondary to your health!

      xoxo Katie

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