14 Day Flat Abs Challenge

Are you ready to start the 14 Day Abs Challenge with Me? Let’s do it!

Over the next two weeks you will be doing workouts that help you burn fat and strengthen your core.

These exercises will target your trouble areas like the lower belly pooch and waistline so you can finally start to see those abs poppin’!

Challenges are always better with friends so share this calendar on Pinterest or Facebook and get your besties ready for their bikini bods!

14 Day Abs ChallengeIf you’re new to LSF, these challenges are a great place to start. You’ll set new healthy habits and meets awesome fit friends to help keep you motivated every single day!

If you’re really ready to take your health and fitness to the next level, join #teamLSF and start my 8 Week Hot Body Sweat Guide & 4 Week Meal Plan today!

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Hey Katie, I am an admirer of yours since quite some weeks now. Please advise me on an overall body toning and shaping regime on a weekly basis which will keep my tummy, hips, thighs, arms in shape!!

Hannah Daniel

When we do the challenge, are we completing excercizes like the HIIT fat blaster workout once or four times through? New to LSF and just started the Ab challenge today!


Where are the workouts listed on the challenge?